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We think that event and catering services should just go hand in hand. At Shanta’s Catering Service, we will make certain all the details are in place when it comes to our presentation of the food and coordination of the services offered. We have strong commitments to deliver quality Catering services to our customers.

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    Why should you select us?

  • Wide choice of catering menu like Bengali Cuisine, Muglai Cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Mexican Cuisine, Continental Cuisine etc. We shall listen to your choices to suggest the best combination.
  • Contemporary ideas like live counters, Mock-tail bar, food stations, handmade Ice-cream décor, vegetable curving, lady stewardess, fancy dresses etc.
  • We have the Base kitchen where you may sample your chosen menu.
  • Our robust infrastructure can organise any Big party of even more 1000 guests with an ease
  • Warm and professional services to impress your guests.
  • Reasonably priced

Advantage with Shanta’s Catering Service

At the outset you will feel comfortable dealing with somebody who is a real professional and can communicate at your level. Everything is done with so much care, love & sincerity
We have a base kitchen at EM Bypass with dedicated staffs. For some small parties if you intend to take food from restaurants, we give you an option to take the same menu from us at a much lower price, delivered at your door step, often with some stewards.
For our Vegetarian customers we offer exclusive vegetarian menu made by experienced Maharajs.

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